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An Educational Hub for the Mediterranean Area In Rome

An Educational Hub for the Mediterranean Area In Rome

Vincenzo Boccia, President of Luiss: University Education is the Precondition for Social Development, Transitive Skills Are the Key

ROME, Aug. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An innovative learning approach focused on interdisciplinarity, Rome's Luiss University is facing the challenges of higher education in a world where epochal matters: environment, economic crisis, political and diplomatic tensions, migrations, commercial regulations and digital capitalism, require international solutions.

There is growing pressure not only on institutions and enterprises but also on higher education institutions. For this reason, Vincenzo Boccia, president of Luiss, aims to create in Rome an educational hub for the Mediterranean area creating networks of knowledge, diplomatic, economic and commercial, where Italy must play a central role.

A long-term plan proposes a soft power operation that will last for the next five to ten years and which sees Luiss at the forefront among the new universities that are emerging in the Mediterranean area, between the EU countries and North Africa. “Our sensitivity on the issue of the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean network of universities is very high, and we share the idea of a long-term strategy in this direction,” says Boccia. Luiss is the 22nd university in QS ranking of political and international studies and the 10th in Europe. And it has long since developed education opportunities for students from the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East intending to support Italy and neighbouring countries in nurturing a class of reliable leaders, committed to the development of their communities and connected to Italy. “University education is the precondition for social development, and we must push for an expansion of transitive skills. They are needed not only for business but for every aspect of social life. It is, therefore, necessary to build bridges for university connections with the Mediterranean and African areas, thinking in the long term,” says Boccia. Italy must make a strong commitment, but a far-reaching operation is also needed. Boccia continues: “We need to increase the number of university graduates, which is now less than 30%, and increase opportunities with scholarship plan, not as pure welfarism, but as a major action of national interest.” 

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