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Wasder and Ultra Join Forces to Make Web3 Gaming More Accessible to Everyone

Wasder and Ultra Join Forces to Make Web3 Gaming More Accessible to Everyone

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global social gaming platform Wasder and Web3 gaming platform Ultra announced a strategic partnership today that will benefit both companies, as well as players and developers in the Web3 gaming space.

Wasder, a gamified social media where players can express themselves, connect with others, explore the world of games and earn rewards, and Ultra, a gaming platform that brings more value to games, digital assets and tournaments to one place, join forces to strengthen their offering in the Web3 gaming space. By providing both players and developers with a more seamless user experience, this partnership aims to make web3 gaming more accessible and rewarding to everyone.  

In short, Ultra will gain access to the gamification feature of Wasder called the "Wasder season pass", as well as all the social features of the platform. Meanwhile, Ultra will provide its Web3 games catalog to Wasder and direct in-app access to Ultra's games store. This will make it easier for developers to market their games to relevant audiences and enable players to discover new games. Both companies will collaborate to support Web3 developers by introducing the other to their respective networks and services.

"This is a really exciting partnership that brings together two aspects of gaming that go hand in hand but have been worlds apart until now - games distribution and community management. We're also looking forward to the synergies that this new relationship brings. It's a great opportunity not only for Wasder and Ultra to become stronger together in this space, but game studios and players will also be able to reap the benefits as well," says Thomas Gronnevik, CEO of Wasder. "We're looking forward to featuring games by developers introduced by Ultra on the Wasder season pass. We might even feature Ultra as a brand on a separate season. And we're more than happy to introduce our partners and their games to Ultra for distribution."

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Wasder and furthering our commitment to providing key solutions for players around the world. Ultra is built around the vision of making Web2 and Web3 gaming as accessible as possible over the years to come, and Ultra's blockchain is designed with this very purpose in mind. We'll be teaming up with Wasder to make games more discoverable for game developers and players, assisting in the integration of Ultra's technology, hosting tournaments, and introducing relevant companies to Wasder," says Nicolas Gilot, CO-CEO of Ultra. 

Wasder is a social gaming platform with over 1.5 million downloads on the Google Play store. The Wasder season pass is the gamification of Wasder and rewards players for being friendly members of the Wasder community. Rewards include everything from digital stickers to in-game NFTs, and new rewards will be added over time. In collaboration with partners like Ultra, Wasder aims to create a fun and inclusive global gaming community open for everyone, regardless of who you are or what games you love to play.

Ultra is a gaming platform designed to provide a range of gaming-related apps all in one place. Ultra provides low distribution fees and tools to increase discoverability, monetization, and community building. Powered by Ultra's powerful carbon-neutral certified blockchain, the Ultra platform gives players the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade games and in-game items with absolutely no added costs. The platform also houses a range of apps to play games, watch livestreams, and participate in tournaments, all from within the Ultra platform. 

Press contact Wasder: Mads Jacobsen ([email protected])

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